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Zion United Methodist Church's Core Values

Worship is the core of our life together.
In worship we are brought together in community. We direct our praise and gratitude, our hopes and fears, and our aspirations and concerns to our loving God. We worship the Trinity through Scripture, prayer, music, preaching, and the sacraments. We worship joyfully! We sing, pray, and study with passion, intellect, and energy. We are an Easter people, and we are glad! We seek to reach those who are a part of the family of God as well as those who are disconnected from the family.

We are a family.
Our family connection is based on our common love for Jesus Christ, Godís Son and our Brother. Like most families, we have children, parents, grandparents, and even some great-grandparents in our family. We share each otherís joys, sorrows, crises, and life events. We feel safe in sharing our concerns and opinions without fear. We may not always agree, but we treat each other with respect and Jesusí love. We are a joyful, loving, laughing congregation that experiences the grace of God in Jesus Christ in personal and positive ways.

We grow disciples.
Becoming and living as a disciple of Jesus Christ is a life-long growing experience. As such we try to offer experiences that can help people of all age groups and levels of spiritual maturity to continue to grow. We are a congregation where people can search, think, question, and honestly express their growing experience of faith in an accepting and affirming atmosphere. We act out our discipleship in our everyday lives as we go out into the world to fulfill the Great Commission.

We honor God by serving others.
We commit to a lifestyle of ministry, striving to be like Jesus as servant. We believe each person has a unique gift to be used in service, and we commit to an attitude that seeks to give rather than to receive and to serve rather than to be served. We remember that the second of Christís greatest commandments is to love each other. We make personal commitments to working not only with people in our church but also in our neighborhood and around the world.

We live as Godís stewards.
We accept that we are the stewards of all that God has given us. We try to understand Godís will for us as we support the church by our prayers, our presence, our gifts, and our service. As a congregation, we are mindful of our responsibility to spend Godís money wisely to further his work here on earth. We are grateful for the church building that has been left to us by those who came before us. We maintain it properly, but without unnecessary expense, so that it will remain a gathering space for worship and ministry in the Cambridge community for years to come.

We respect our heritage.
Founded in 1780, Zion has a long history that we respect, build upon, and celebrate. We continue to add to that history as we work in the present day to minister to Godís people as our forbearers have done for over 200 years, not necessarily using the same methods, but with the same love for others and the same goal: to win others for Christ.